A Leader in Obesity Prevention
Education & Programs!


KidSportzUSA mission is to prevent child obesity, diabetes, heart disease and all onset disease caused by a sedentary lifestyle. KidSportz goal is to offer exercise, fitness and sports training programs to schools in our community. Our programs build self-esteem & confidence through structure with fun, along with keeping kids out of trouble as they learn and play in a safe environment.KidSportz originated in San Jose, California and currently offers programs throughout the Bay Area. We have been in business since 2001, and offer professional sports training programs for children ages 4-12 years old. We specialize in sports and wellness programs for children, and provide teachers/coaches which work at each location.
KidSportz has contracted services and serviced schools in San Jose Unified School District, Oak Grove School District, Campbell/Union School District, McKinley School District, Alum Rock School District, Santa Clara School District, Mount Pleasant School District, The City of San Jose Parks and Rec. (LEARNS), CORAL Catholic Charities (YES), MACSA Youth Center, LUCHA, San Jose After-School All Stars, Central YMCA along with many others.We have serviced thousands of children, and utilize the most up-to-date professional sports training information. All programs are based on the California State Standard for Physical Education, but our curriculum and lesson plans are far beyond P.E. and recreation programs with our professional sports training methods.

KidSportz current programs include Summer Sports Camps, After-School Sports Camps, Anti Bullying & Harassment Classes, Martial Arts, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Track & Field, Golf, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and many other activities. We provide all the necessary equipment to each site. KidSportz originally service around 50 students in 2002, and has proudly serviced over 10,000 students to date. KidSportzUSA goal is to offer exercise programs to schools and allow any child who wishes to participate; the opportunity to improve their health & fitness today!

Core Components of KidSportzUSA:

1. Structured Activities – KidSportz programs build self-esteem & confidence through structure with fun, along with keeping kids out of trouble as they learnand play in a safe environment.

2. Sports & Fitness Enrichment – A variety of sports, fitness and recreational activities taught by professional trainers/coaches.

3. Snack/Nutrition – KidSportzUSA provides healthy snacks/drinks to teach the importance of good nutrition, especially before, during and after exercise in sports camp programs.